Halle Plant Science Colloquium – next talk on 07 November

Dear all,
a forthcoming talk of the Halle Plant Science Colloquium series will take place
on Wednesday , 07 November at 17:00 (s.t.)
in lecture hall E.02, Theodor-Lieser-Strasse 9 (Heide Süd Campus).
Thomas Lübberstedt (Iowa State University, Ames, USA)
will talk about
Emerging avenues for utilization of exotic germplasm: Case study SCMV resistance in maize
Prof. Thomas Lübberstedt holds the K.J. Frey Chair in Agronomy and is Director of the R.F. Baker Center for Plant Breeding at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor at China Agricultural University, Beijing since 2010.

Prof. Lübberstedt’s scientific interests are the application and development of tools and methods provided by genome analysis to (i) understand the composition of complex traits and phenomena, to (ii) determine and exploit genetic diversity in elite and exotic germplasm, and to (iii) apply this knowledge to plant breeding. The crop focus is on maize and perennial grasses. His current activities are on acceleration of plant breeding, and utilization of genetic resources using doubled haploid technologies. In his talk, Prof Lübberstedt will focus on potential challenges for utilization of exotic germplasm and provide solutions how to close the yield gap between elite and exotic germplasm and how to identify beneficial exotic alleles based on newly emerging techniques in plant genomics, phenomics and biotechnology.

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